Accelerated Intensives

What is an accelerated intensive?

An Accelerated Intensive is a period of therapeutic immersion that enables rapid and sustainable breakthrough for those stalled out in the recovery process.



  • Trauma Resolution
  • Eating Disorders
  • Marital/Relational Deterioration
  • Sex Addictions
  • Marriages Struggling with Addiction and Trauma
  • Personality Disorders
  • Distressed Clergy
  • Distressed Medical Professionals

Trauma Resolution

There has been an explosion in the research and knowledge associated with the impact of trauma on the human condition. Significant understanding has been achieved with regard to insight into physical, emotion, spiritual, relational, neurobiological and neurochemical aspects of trauma. Incorporated into the treatment...


Eating Disorders

InterAct believes in a systemic and collaborative approach to treatment. We focus on the whole person – the physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual and spiritual components within the context of one’s family, profession, friendship circles, academic settings and community. We approach eating disorders as highly complex defense...


Marital/Relational Deterioration

InterAct is dedicated to the strengthening, restoration and transformation of marriages. Most couples experience some form of gradual or sudden deterioration over the course of their marriage. Somehow the passion, expectations and visions go unfulfilled. Bitterness, resentment, boredom, heartache, anger, conflict and...


Sex Addictions

As a certified clinical sex addiction specialist and member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (formerly the National Council on Sex Addiction and Compulsivity) and American Association of Certified Christian Sex Addiction Specialists Christopher Charleton is at the forefront of the latest in treatment techniques...


Marriages Struggling with Addiction and Trauma

Many couples experience blockages in their efforts to heal their marriages. After repeated and prolonged attempts to generate satisfactory outcomes from marital counseling (oftentimes over the course of several years), the marriage stagnates and despair, discouragement, anger, bitterness and hopelessness become the norms. The...


Personality Disorders

Some may know how to identify the disorders but few have the expertise or means to treat them effectively. In fact, most therapists contend that personality disorders are permanent. They erroneously believe that the only hope lies in gaining some degree of manageability over the symptoms – i.e. that the disorders are so entrenched...


Distressed Clergy

InterAct offers individual, marital and familial counsel to pastors, their spouses and children in an environment of confidentiality and compassion. We employ a balanced perspective in terms of the integration between spiritual and emotional health. Our commitment is to strengthen, support and equip pastors via counseling, workshops/...


Distressed Medical Professionals

Administrative and bureaucratic complications frustrate not only the delivery of services but the desire to “only practice medicine”. Interpersonal conflict with colleagues or superiors as well as unrealistic, if not, inhuman expectations often dishearten even the most dedicated professional. InterAct has dealt with...