Accelerated Intensives are for those whose life circumstances or chronicity of symptoms deem weekly therapy or residential treatment options ineffective. Accelerated Intensives are led by a team of professionals working in a highly collaborative and strategic manner. They are designed to overcome impediments and accomplish therapeutic goals as quickly, thoroughly and economically as possible.

When other forms of treatment are unable to produce desired results, an Accelerated Intensive is often the solution. At InterAct, an Accelerated Intensive typically consists of twenty to fifty hours of individually-tailored therapy spread over several days. Such a concentrated intervention causes minimal disruption to family life, professional obligations, and daily responsibilities. It fosters rapid stabilization of personal or interpersonal distress.

Type of Intensive Duration Client Type(s) Description
Full Intensive 40-60 hours (5-6 days) Individuals, Couples, Families Full scale treatment with the ultimate goal being trauma resolution, attachment repair, and autonomic re-regulation. Experiential therapies may be utilized.
Partial Intensive 20 hours (4-5 days) Individuals, Couples Psychoeducational in nature. Designed for those who want the foundational building blocks of recovery.
Group Intensive 40-60 hours (5-6 days) Individuals, Couples At least four (4) individuals are needed for a group intensive. Participants will be organized based on presenting diagnostic issues (eating disorder, marital conflict, addiction, etc.)

Each intensive is personally tailored to the unique psychological histories and recovery objectives for each participant.

The End Result

Tremendously integrated healing and quantum leaps in functioning accomplished in a short time.

Why Interact?

InterAct Accelerated Intensives employ state of the art therapeutic and experiential techniques to facilitate personal growth.

Particularly targeted are trauma repetitive patterns from childhood adversely impacting performance, gratification, and achievement. Accelerated Intensives incorporate sensorimotor psychotherapy, attachment repair, neuroaffactive development, ANS regulation, resolution of structural dissociation, and interpersonal neurobiology. This therapeutic modality creates competency and excellence in the accomplishment of adult life objectives and enables clients to triumph over previously-deemed intractable obstacles to success.

Who can benefit from an Accelerated Intensive?

  • Individuals desiring accelerated resolution of eating-disordered or addictive behavior
  • Anyone dealing with unresolved trauma or grief
  • Clients with intractable anxiety, depression, OCD, dissociative features sabotaging treatment
  • Medication-resistant clients with pervasive symptomatology
  • Those who have reached their pain threshold and need the encouragement of visible and significant improvement quickly
  • Singles who have been unable to reach intimacy goals or have a history of failed relationships Spouse facing the fear or threat of divorce or familial collapse
  • People whose recovery is impeded by persistent defensive and/or avoidant behaviors
  • Those manifesting borderline, narcissistic, antisocial personality-disordered traits Professionals whose work requires optimal functioning with minimal disruption
  • Individuals experiencing a flood of unmanageable emotions, symptoms, or memories which render traditional therapeutic approaches unsuccessful
  • Those who prefer an individual, private treatment program as opposed to a residential setting
  • Clients in transition from inpatient facilities desiring full resolution of developmental deficits and childhood trauma that lead to chronic relapse
  • Hundreds of people who have completed an InterAct Intensive now experience deeper fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

To see if an Accelerated Intensive would be right for you or your family member, call InterAct at 585-388-8010.