Administrative and bureaucratic complications frustrate not only the delivery of services but the desire to “only practice medicine”. Interpersonal conflict with colleagues or superiors as well as unrealistic, if not, inhuman expectations often dishearten even the most dedicated professional.

InterAct has dealt with physicians and other medical professionals in crisis since 1994. As a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the restoration of those in the helping professions, our staff is poised to assist physicians and medical professionals in the problems typically associated with the field – demanding schedules; chronic sleep deprivation; isolation; exhaustion; depletion; transitions associated with mergers and acquisitions; procedural changes associated with administrative dictates and state/federal regulations; secret addictive lives; disappointment; turf wars; powerlessness in altering dysfunctional or abusive organizational dynamics; resentment; pressures associated with marital, familial and organizational expectations; and, personal debt.

InterAct offers individual, marital and familial counsel to medical professionals, their spouses and children in an environment of confidentiality and compassion. We employ a balanced perspective in terms of the integration between emotional, relational and professional health. Our commitment is to strengthen, support and equip medical professionals via counseling, workshops/seminars, and organizational consulting pertaining to the challenges they face.

Our staff incorporates a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, systemic assessment targeting five psychological and organizational levels:

  1. Interpersonal - the emotional, relational and trauma-related dynamics impacting the professional’s life
  2. Interpersonal complications within the marriage, family or significant relationships
  3. Interpersonal conflict or struggles within one’s individual or group practice
  4. Departmental dynamics within the hospital or medical organization
  5. Complicating organizational administrative and managerial features

We assist medical professionals in understanding and resolving the complex emotional, relational, and professional issues associated with stress, depression, anxiety, bipolarity, ADDH, boundary problems, sexual misconduct/harassment, chronic distress and disruptive behavior, professional burnout, mid-life crisis, transition/adjustment issues, ethical professional judgment, substance abuse/dependence, eating disorders, and compulsive behaviors.

Pertaining to substance abuse/dependence, sex addiction and eating disorder issues, InterAct is at the forefront in the assessment and treatment. Our staff has served as personal advisors to doctors, nurses, hospital, management, and state physician boards pertaining to issues of professional misconduct, insubordination, negligence and dereliction of duties. We are nationally recognized in the fields of sex addiction, eating disorder, trauma and marital treatment. We offer comprehensive assessment, treatment and restorative programs for medical professionals, their spouses and families at any stage of crisis – whether private and concealed or public and facing disciplinary charges for ethics violations or misconduct).

As our approach to treatment is holistic and systemic, our focus is three-fold:

  1. Protect, heal and restore the individual professional – In addition to treatment and restorative programs, InterAct also serves as advocates for medical professionals encountering disciplinary and legal measures. We interface with the legal system, hospital and state boards as expert witnesses on behalf of the professionals we treat. We also provide medical/psycho-legal statements regarding the professional’s fitness for duty, rehabilitative potential, treatment progress, aftercare necessities, determination of fitness for duty, and quarterly reviews.
  2. Provide victim assistance (whether potential, suspected or actual)
  3. Assist the medical practice or organization that has been adversely impacted

Cooperative efforts involving practice partners or management is a vital component of professional restoration. InterAct acts as a consultant to practitioners, management and organizations to:

  • Help preserve the safety and integrity of patients and office/hospital staff
  • Provide immediate consultation, assessment, treatment and restorative options for those involved in any misconduct including the victims
  • Mitigate damage associated with pending lawsuits and complications with the press as well as state boards
  • Restructure and/or repair organizational dynamics associated with professional misconduct
  • Restore the hospital or organizational image tarnished by professional or ethical transgressions
  • Preemptively provide trainings associated with self-care, relational health, professional boundaries, addictive processes, team building, and empathic development for patients

Please review our website for more detailed information. For confidential, non-judgmental, professional, and immediate assistance please contact Christopher Charleton at 585-388-8010.