Many couples experience blockages in their efforts to heal their marriages. After repeated and prolonged attempts to generate satisfactory outcomes from marital counseling (oftentimes over the course of several years), the marriage stagnates and despair, discouragement, anger, bitterness and hopelessness become the norms. The aforementioned blockages are frequently associated with unresolved childhood trauma and the corresponding underlying developmental and attachment deficits which complicate the addiction processes within the marriage. These factors culminate in unconscious reenactments of that trauma through repetitive, cyclical and entrenched self-destructive behaviors.

Restoration necessitates a masterful and sophisticated integration of the fields of addiction and trauma treatment, attachment theory, developmental psychology, underlying personality disorder complications, and marital decay models.

InterAct personnel excel in the treatment of marriages burdened by unresolved or undetected trauma and associated addictive processes. All addictions are managed – whether sex, alcohol, eating disorders, drug, gambling, anger, depression, etc. Many couples suffer from cross-addictive behaviors in one or both spouse. Cross-addiction is when a person uses multiple addictive strategies to relieve underlying emotional and relational pain. No singular addictive behavior is deemed “out of control” therefore there is never a conviction that one’s life has become “unmanageable” and they are “powerless” in their abilities to create change.

Our staff is dedicated to freeing marriages encumbered by any addiction and/or trauma. Our solutions are custom-tailored to the specific needs of both spouses individually as well as the marriage as a whole. Our clients come from the US, Europe and Asia. Advances in telecommunications enables on-going support in a highly personable and confidential manner. Our clients include high-level executives, world class athletes, medical professionals, and entrepreneurs as well as those from daily walks of life. In over 15 years of marital restoration efforts with couples encountering severe addiction/trauma complications which are on the verge of separation or divorce, our success rate is over 90% in keeping marriages intact. We do not believe in mediocrity with regard to change. We are committed to full transformation enabling couples to encounter a degree of intimacy and fulfillment in daily functioning they have never experienced.


“I remember my mouth, stomach and heart just dropping when Chris showed us his model of marital deterioration and how it was linked to our addictions and unresolved childhood pain. He just made sanity out of insanity. In just two hours he had given us an almost complete understanding regarding the reasons our marriage was on the verge of divorce. He gave us the skills and insight to manage our own problems and actually showed how to become more intimate in anger and conflict. I am more in love with my wife today than the fantasies I used to have about marriage in high school. When reality is better than fantasy, that’s saying something!”

- Tom, Virginia