Our objective is to be a support to solo practitioners who:

  1. have clients which require more than traditional outpatient services but are resistant to inpatient treatment due to the stigmas involved or other associated fears;
  2. experience a “stall out” or impasse in their client’s recovery process due to underlying addictive, attachment, developmental deficit, personality disorder and/or trauma issues;
  3. have client’s experiencing an increase in PTSD-related triggers and flooding wherein it is deemed expedient to “harvest” and “integrate” the emotions/memories fostering a leap in emotional/relational stability and maturation
  4. need to maintain a therapeutic relationship with their client(s) but given the client’s temperament or “fragile/sensitive/trigger-happy/aggressive” nature need an “outside” therapist to do the “dirty work” in terms of confronting a client’s destructive behaviors;
  5. have professional clients who need rapid stabilization and growth to safeguard their careers in response to affairs, unethical behaviors and/or professional misconduct.

Our goal is to provide the solo practitioner with the ability to sustain continued growth in their client’s mental health and not experience fall out due to frustrations regarding the lack of therapeutic progress gained.

We work collaboratively with the referring therapist to:

  • review case histories
  • identifying strategic treatment objectives
  • incorporate psychological diagnostic testing or neuro-imaging where necessary
  • provide recommendations for preparing the client(s) to achieve optimal gains during specific intensive therapy programs
  • integrate gains achieved during intensive therapy into the referring therapist’s on-going therapeutic framework
  • coordinate aftercare objectives and self/relational-care regimens

Referring therapists are kept abreast of the intensive process and, when desired, incorporated into the intensive itself (usually via telephone consultation).

Our goal is to develop a “seamless process” wherein the intensive is seen as a “team effort” directed by the referring therapist to establish maximum gains on behalf of the client as expediently as possible. Our desire is to support and buttress, not undermine, the therapeutic relationship between referring therapist and client.

Please review our website for more detailed information. We welcome the opportunity to assist you and your clients in their healing and transformative process. Please call Christopher Charleton, our intake coordinator, at 585-388-8010 for more information.