Professional Testimonials

“I have had the opportunity to sit with Christopher Charleton, founder of InterAct, and hear him not only describe his treatment models, but also demonstrate them in a visual form that makes it possible for even non-clinical people to understand the childhood roots that underlie some of the most complex issues and addictions people face.

He has a unique combination of experience, skill and giftings which allow Him to do deep and challenging work which other therapists won’t even touch.

Over the past year, I’ve been pleased to hear many firsthand accounts of accelerated progress from clients I’ve directly referred there, including one who told me that she made more progress in one week than in five years of counseling.

Whether you’ve tried other things and still feel stuck, or simply want to avoid years of lost time and money by taking a more intensive and personalized approach, I highly recommend Chris and his team at InterAct.”

Constance Rhodes,
Founding Director, Christian Eating Disorders Collaborative Network

Client Testimonials

“Chris is the definition of wounded healer. It wasn’t his professional qualifications that gave him the authority to guide me – it was the fact that he was a former addict and trauma survivor sitting in the very seat I am as a client that enabled me to trust him and motivate me to do the work I needed to get better.”

“Chris taught me more in one session than five years of counseling with three other therapists.”

“I remember my mouth, stomach and heart just dropping when Chris showed us his model of marital deterioration and how it was linked to our addictions and unresolved childhood pain. He just made sanity out of insanity. In just two hours he had given us almost complete understanding regarding the reasons our marriage was on the verge of divorce. He gave us the skills and insight to manage our own problems and actually showed how to become more intimate in anger and conflict. I am more in love with my wife today than the fantasies I used to have about marriage in high school. When reality is better than fantasy, that’s saying something.”

“If someone would have taught us what Chris did over the last 8 sessions it would have saved us 25 years of marital grief and misery.”

“If Chris did not have the international business experience and acumen to understand my personal world, I would never have seen him as having the credibility to guide me into wholeness. It was his intimate knowledge of the stressors associated with my level of corporate functioning that enabled him to astutely guide me into the decisions regarding my family, marriage and business that transformed my life for the better. Instead of a legacy of pain and dysfunction, I now have relationships with all my children, wife and friends that leaves a legacy of hope, joy and love. Thank you, I realize how the work with you changed my life.”

“Our son has Tourettes, ADHD, OCD and ODD – no one had been able to get through to him in the untold number of counselors we’ve seen over the last 13 years. Chris’ work with our son was miraculous – he was transformed from a self-hating, shame-based, completely isolated , angry teen to functioning competently in an adult world with vision, hope and motivation. Our son’s life was rescued from the pit of hopelessness and despair. Today he loves himself and loves life! What better testimonial could there be!”

“We had been to numerous therapists and psychiatrists with our son. The most renowned adolescent psychiatrist in our area labeled our son “post-communicative” (i.e. impenetrable, uncommunicative and uncooperative). After eight sessions with Chris he began talking and even became motivated to cooperate in restoring our family. We have our son and our family back.”

“You’re the first safe man I have ever known.”

“Our daughter had been raped 9 times by the time she was 18 with four abortions. We had no idea. Somehow, Chris knew in working with her that our marriage was partly to blame. We still don’t understand fully how Chris wove everything together. Our daughter transformed before our eyes as result of his work with her. As Chris challenged and guided us in healing our marriage he simultaneously reunited us with the daughter we found out we never truly knew. Our new family is now based on the truth, not just a bunch of lies where we tried to prove to the rest of the world we were OK. What joy, what freedom! “