InterAct believes in a systemic and collaborative approach to treatment. We focus on the whole person – the physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual and spiritual components within the context of one’s family, profession, friendship circles, academic settings and community. We approach eating disorders as highly complex defense systems arrayed to protect a person from deep emotional, spiritual and relational distress. Sometimes the eating disorder is a symptom of an underlying condition which, if untreated, fosters chronic relapse and hopelessness.

The sophistication as well as the interwoven dynamic of all the above variables necessitates a high degree of coordination, solidarity, creativity and cooperation among treating professionals, school officials, clergy and family members engaged in guiding individuals suffering from eating disorders to healing and victory. As members of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), InterAct’s staff is dedicated to an integrated team approach maximizing and accelerating healing and recovery.

We treat individuals (i.e. women, men, teenage girls and boys) struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive overeating and other disordered eating issues.

Services provided for adult women and men as well as teenage girls and boys

  • Individual, marital, family and group therapies
  • Psycho-educational workshops (e.g. eating disorder myths, family coping strategies, relapse prevention)
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Transition therapy - Bridging the aftermath of residential, in-patient treatment into mainstream society
  • Equine-assisted, art and psychodrama experiential groups.
  • Sensorimotor and EMDR therapies
  • Relapse prevention activities

Family involvement

Eating disorders are known to tremendously strain marriages and families. Family dynamics including underlying structural issues, communication and emotional patterns, stressors, and wounding patterns co-contribute to the formation or entrenchment of the eating disordered behavior. We provide valuable information and workshops/seminars for family members committed to liberating the entire family system from the stranglehold of eating disorder dynamics. We assist eating disorder clients, their spouses and parents with coaching, consultation and coordination services to optimize comprehensive and effective treatment solutions.

Our clinical facilities and 125 acre horse ranch (Healing Hills) provide the optimal tranquil, safe, confidential and relaxed environments to bring powerful healing and change to the individual client as well as concerned family members and spouses.