People often experience blockages in their efforts to heal individually and/or restore their marriage and family relationships. After repeated and prolonged failures to generate satisfactory outcomes from traditional counseling (oftentimes over the course of several years), people typically become blocked and overwhelmed with chronic feelings of despair, discouragement, anger and hopelessness.

InterAct was formed to create breakthroughs for such individuals, families, and marriages.

Established in 1994, InterAct began to incorporate experiential therapies with traditional counseling methods to forge rapid, powerful and permanent change in clients. The resultant change was so impactful and life-transforming for our clientele, that individual and marital restoration became the norm.

Building upon that success, InterAct partnered with Healing Hills in 2006, a beautiful and peaceful 125 acre horse farm located in the midst of the rolling hills and glacial lakes of upstate New York. The purpose was to provide an exclusive, safe, restful and relaxing environment in which individuals, couples and families could work towards healing, empowerment and full restoration.

We invite you to explore our website and discover the variety of services available at InterAct. For more information, please call us anytime at 585-388-8010 or contact us by email to request more information.