InterAct, Inc. is a company which integrates the most recent advances in the fields of psychology, systems theory and organizational development with corporate cross-cultural training. InterAct, Inc. trains your employees to develop and utilize individual, group, corporate, and intercultural psychological assessment skills to enhance your negotiating position and resolve the conflicts commonly associated with overseas assignments.

Strategically, InterAct’s goal is to empower business professionals with the necessary intercultural information and psychological training needed to generate competitive advantages within the global marketplace. InterAct, Inc. provides multicultural psychological services to facilitate corporate personnel’s enlightened response to the forces of “hypercompetition” (i.e. rapid strategic maneuvering within the international corporate sphere) as well as rising consumer expectations.

InterAct, Inc. provides custom-tailored training and consulting services for corporations in the following areas:

  • Business globalization consulting
  • International conflict resolution
  • Expatriate assessment, selection, training and overseas support – coordination of global strategies between expatriates and home office management/supervision
  • Repatriation transition and debriefing
  • Foreign business seminars – specialized, country-specific trainings and briefings
  • Multicultural workforce management and team building programs
  • Cross-cultural technology transfer
  • Marketing and sales
  • Information hoarding tactics –e.g. pinpoint information hoarding and its corresponding destruction of joint R&D, marketing, sales, and manufacturing initiatives/innovations
  • Mid-level management and employee sabotage of executive-level determined partnerships with foreign corporations
  • Intercultural psychological intimidation
  • Identification of foreign prejudices towards Americans that sour negotiations, marketing and sales initiatives