InterAct is dedicated to the strengthening, restoration and transformation of marriages. Most couples experience some form of gradual or sudden deterioration over the course of their marriage. Somehow the passion, expectations and visions go unfulfilled.

Bitterness, resentment, boredom, heartache, anger, conflict and silence become the norm. So much of life becomes a sense of monotony – just “going through the motions”. After pursuing multiple avenues of counsel from traditional therapists, clergy, well-intentioned friends and self-help guides which have proven unsuccessful, most couples feel doomed to a marriage of chronic frustration, mounting distress, power struggles - and eventually a conviction of hopelessness and powerlessness to effect change.

Interact specializes in the reversal of the marital deterioration process – whatever the cause!

It is our belief that marital decline is primarily attributable to:

  • A serious lack of relational skills pertaining to anger management, conflict resolution and communication
  • The unconscious re-enactment of attachment/bonding wounds from previous formative relationships
  • Addictive processes
  • Failures in comprehending the complexities associated with communication and how the needs of the various components of self that vacillate across the lifespan of the relationship
  • The mismanagement of bitterness and resentment as self-protective mechanisms from hurt
  • Inabilities to differentiate between affection/nurture and sexual needs

Our team of professionals is dedicated to:

  1. The rapid stabilization of the deterioration process
  2. The infusion of easily digestible and applicable modes of anger management, conflict resolution, and communication skills to forge a foundation of safety and security
  3. The restructuring of individual attachment styles that foster an increased emotional maturation to facilitate successful bonding
  4. The reversal of developmental deficits sabotaging the formation of intimacy
  5. The repair of underlying addictive and personality disorder dynamics
  6. The formation and integration of emotional, physical, sexual, relational, professional, romantic and spiritual goals into the fabric of the marriage.

We provide various forms of therapy to achieve these goals - individual, marital, group, experiential and intensive therapies.

We utilize the latest technological advances in telecommunications to assure continuous, reliable, intimate and confidential service for couples globally.