Our founder, Christopher Charleton, is personally dedicated to the advancement of emotionally healthy Christianity. He is a member of the National Association of Christian Recovery and American Association of Christian Counselors. Mr. Charleton has provided consulting services for major US Christian organizations, churches and pastors as well as conducted workshops, seminars, sermons and radio shows pertaining to Christ-based, emotional and relational healing. He has had the privilege of training Christian counselors across the US since 1995 regarding his specializations in sexual addiction, eating disorders , trauma treatment and the management of personality disorders. He has spoken at the World Conference for Christian Counselors in 2009 regarding the treatment of marriages plagued by addictions.

We are sensitive to doctrinal differences. Our fundamental focus is to incorporate the power and healing of Christ into the therapeutic process – enhancing emotional, relational and spiritual growth and integration.

Correspondingly, we have the following objectives:

  • To provide trustworthy and reliable counseling services for congregants whose issues exceed the limits of traditional pastoral counsel
  • To provide educational seminars for churches on specific issues the pastor, elders or church board deem necessary to enhance their members’ emotional, relational and spiritual growth
  • To assist pastors, elders and church boards in accomplishing the organizational dynamics desired within their church
  • To serve as a confidential, safe and supportive haven for pastors struggling with personal or addictive issues endangering their ability to shepherd effectively
  • To advise pastors and church boards regarding disciplinary measures and treatment recommendations for those involved in professional misconduct or violation of church-sanctioned rules and values

InterAct offers traditional individual, marriage, family and group therapies. We also provide specialized forms of treatment for severe crisis (e.g. conflict, grief, suicide, addiction relapse) and trauma situations). Within the Christian community we are leaders in the utilization of intensive outpatient therapy programs to foster rapid healing and stabilization for individuals, marriages and families. Our counseling methodologies include fostering the development and integration of the spiritual disciplines and scriptures into the emotional healing process. When appropriate, special techniques such as the twelve steps and/or theophostics are used. Please note that we view the 12 steps utilized in most addiction treatment programs as a pathway to salvation (steps 1-3) and sanctification (steps 4-12).

When organizational development issues prove problematic, InterAct provides the necessary consulting and team building services to facilitate optimum functioning.

Please review our website for more detailed information. We welcome the opportunity to assist you, your congregants and church organization in any way we can. Feel free to contact Christopher Charleton at 585-388-8010 or email us at interact@frontiernet.net