As a certified clinical sex addiction specialist and member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (formerly the National Council on Sex Addiction and Compulsivity) and American Association of Certified Christian Sex Addiction Specialists Christopher Charleton is at the forefront of the latest in treatment techniques known worldwide.

Our team provides a safe, sensitive, non-judgmental, compassionate, confidential and effective approach for those who desire, or are even hesitant or reluctant, to break free from this addictive force.

We possess the expertise to facilitate the accurate assessment, diagnosis, systemic impact and resolution of addictive behaviors.

Sexually addictive behavior is highly complex with many variables that go undetected and therefore untreated to the untrained eye. Most sex addicts exhibit comorbidity – the presence of several on-going disorders – that complicates treatment. InterAct’s team of skilled professionals has the ability to identify and successfully treat all associated disorders simultaneously, thus assuring thorough and successful treatment.

Our philosophy is not focused on coping with the addiction but literally transforming the individual to a point where he/she no longer struggle with the addictive force. “Sobriety” (i.e. the cessation of addictive behavior) is not the endpoint of treatment…it is merely the stepping stone to “INTIMACY” with one’s self, God and others.

We assist those who struggle with sex addiction in a variety of forms – cybersex( i.e. high tech addiction and it’s impact in the home and workplace), pornography, chronic fantasy and masturbation, promiscuity, extramarital affairs, unwanted/discordant sexual impulses, pedophilia, fetishes, sadomasochism, prostitution, use of escort services, and self mutilation.

We treat from the perspective that the origin of all addictive behavior is imbedded in wounding experiences incurred in early life – whether that “trauma” was conscious or unconscious; intended or by accident; invasive and penetrating or stemming from some form of abandonment, neglect or betrayal. Our staff understands that there is a crucial link between sex addictive behavior and unresolved woundedness – (i.e. “trauma bonds”)

Treatment includes:

  • Assessment of the addictive/compulsive behavior - it’s origins, symptoms, and progression
  • Evaluation of comordity -i.e. other disorders that co-exist with the sex addictive behavior that the person is either conscious or unconscious of (e.g. borderline or narcissistic personality disorders, dysthymia – a low level chronic depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, codependency)
  • Differentiation between marital/relational difficulties arising from sexual addiction vs. normal marital/relational deterioration processes
  • Distinguishing addictive sexual relationships from extramarital affairs
  • Identification of the differences and susceptibilities in sex addictive formation among males and females as well as cultural differences in expression
  • Incorporation of spiritual, psychopharmacological, biological and neurological components
  • Identify impacts upon spouse, partners, family members and corresponding treatment issues
  • Analysis of cross-addiction (sex addiction is frequently masked by or included in a continuum of other addictive processes such as food, alcohol, drugs, work, gambling, excessive religiosity, codependency, etc. to give the appearance of not being “out of control”)
  • Evaluation of the transition from sexually abused to abuser/offender
  • Strategic restructuring of emotional, physical, sexual spiritual and relational boundaries
  • Identification and resolution of underlying trauma
  • Incorporation of relapse prevention(risk-recognition, impulse control, “slip” management, emotional management, isolation aversion)
  • Formation of healthy self-nurture, anger management, conflict resolution, communication and relationship skills guaranteeing relational enjoyment, satisfaction and success
  • Progressive spiritual and support group development safeguarding recovery