In addition to general counseling services, InterAct has grown to receive international attention for excellence and expertise relating to the treatment of trauma, sex addiction, eating disorders and relational/marital difficulties. News of our therapeutic techniques and success has spread to the point where we now attract clientele throughout the US, Canada, Europe and parts of Asia.

We counsel from the perspective that all trauma, addiction and relational difficulties arise from the loss of, or disruptions in, a person’s core identity. Many treatment programs focus on the management and mitigation of symptoms. Our staff sees symptoms as natural reactions to incurred emotional wounds. As a consequence, the fragmentation of one’s personality, which is unconscious to most people, prevents change and healing.

InterAct’s treatment programs focus on the complete liberation and restructuring of one’s personality – i.e. knowing the “true self” before developmental wounding and trauma took place. For some individuals the womb was a hostile, threatening and insecure environment. In such cases, no sense of self ever formed to enable restoration – as one client aptly said: “There’s nothing to restore!”

Correspondingly, freedom from all traumas and addictions as well as relational and professional success are dependent on the formation, development and support of the emergent “true self”. It is in the liberation and expression of the “true, original and authentic self” that a person is able to experience his or her innate charisma and passion which guide an individual to life-long fulfillment and contentment.

InterAct’s personally-tailored treatment programs offer rapid stabilization of deteriorating conditions caused by unresolved trauma, addiction and relational conflict.